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My name is Travis Cornwell and I am the creater of MainStreetLA. This website started back in 1997 as an idea between my friend Drake and I.  We spent hours looking for pictures of cars like our own. We wanted some ideas about how we could fix ours up. The original plan was to get pictures of custom cars and post them here so everyone can check them out. The website grew from an idea, to a school project, then a hobby. Its really one of those hobbies you never have enough time for though.  I don't have a budget, really I'm broke... Ha-ha.  Design, graphics, and programming done myself.  Its turning out to be a lot of work, but I have learned along the way, and its beginning to come together. Enjoy.

About Me

I'm a student at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, LA. majoring in Industrial Technology with an automated systems concentration and a minor in Computer Science.  It occupies most of my time. The rest of my time is usually spent working on my POS 95 eclipse. Worked various jobs. Warehouse forklift operator, lumber truck driver, flipped burgers, and swung a shovel a few times. Currently I inspect/survey bulk cargo barges along the Mississippi river, for SAI Gulf. The river is a busy place and I see lots of interesting things. We also collect and analyze coke and coal samples for our lab. Its a dirty job and reminds me why I'm in school.

My Ride

Until the motor blew in 2001, I used to drive a 'wanna be pimped out' 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS and is the reason I started this website.  Since then, the interest in custom cars has spread everywhere.   Now, finding car pic's on the web seems to be a much easier task.  Guess I'm saying they beat me to it, but I have learned alot and hey, I can still try to do it better!  =)

Thanks for checkin' it out. I hope you found what you were looking for. Please visit again soon.


Travis Cornwell

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9.18.07 - Smoothing things out, updating style usage to maintain a consistant style across the site. fun.


8.24.07 - Cleaning up some dead links. and adding some live ones.

.17.07 - Rebuilt an engine, put it in the car, waiting for a transmission seal... ZoomZoomZoom.

3.2.07 - Added new pics to the AboutMSLA page. Yeah this one!

.11.06 - Garage: A collection of various car images and types. Under construction.

- Local Dealer listings available.

- Garage and Links sections under construction. More to come.

- Dealer submission working. more to come.

- Updating Dealer pages so users can locate parts and accessories.