Free Online Games

Bored? A few games to keep you busy.

Where's Osoma?
Its like where's Waldo, without the Waldo. Pretty funny.

Planet Racer
Race for money or other cars. Simple, challenging.

4x4 Racing
Another racing game.

Blob Farm
Test your patience and skill in this fun pointless game.

Sink the balls within the time limit. Hard.

Dry Fire
Big fun, blast stick men before they get to you.

The card game. Many different styles and levels. Fun.

Street Racer
More racing. Better cars.


Pointless and Random: How to's

How to Make a Shirt out of a One Dollar Bill

How to Fold a Drinking Cup from a Sheet of Paper

How to Escape from a Sinking Car

How to Avoid Annoying Other Drivers

How to Get out of a Car Without Getting Shocked by Static Electricity

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Google - Search for everything. Find nothing.

eBay - Buy and sell anything. Don't get scammed. Take your time. - Better Ingredients, Better Pizza Become a myspace addict.

Kelley's Blue Book - Buying or Selling a vehicle? Find your cars resale value.